The course is intended to convey Dr. Montessori’s views on how to help the child in the process of development, integrate his personality and how to help him realize that he belongs not only to a family or to a nation but that he is a citizen of the world.


The course aims to develop in students a high level of professional competence as teacher of the Montessori Method of education to children from 2½ to 6 years of age.

It will give students

  • A deep grounding in the Montessori principal and philosophy.
  • Basic understanding of child psychology.
  • An appreciation and understanding of the teaching aids developed by Dr. Montessori.
  • Knowledge of the Montessori environment and the role of a Montessori directress/ director.
  • Knowledge of the Montessori curriculum.
  • To provide trainee teachers with the keys to understand the relevant practical skills to meet the needs of the child.

Course Structre

Techniques of teaching are discussed and demonstrated regular sessions to work with the Montessori materials, helping them to be familiars with the materials, their presentations their aims and the order of us.

  • Montessori philosophy and theory
    • Life and work of Dr. Maria Montessori
    • Montessori concepts in education
    • Montessori educational methods
  • Child psychology (Dr. Maria Montessori)
    • Child development from birth.
  • Presentation of Montessori didactic materials
    • Exercises in practical life
    • Sensorial activities
    • Language
    • Mathematics
    • Cultural subjects (Geography, Botany, Zoology, History Science)
    • Art, Music & Movement
  • Observation and record keeping
  • School management, class management and planning
  • The early year – childcare, health (first-aid) & nutrition

Contents and Evaluation


  • Montessori philosophy and theory
  • Child psychology
  • Pre-School Management & Environment Studies
  • Development of Language Aptitudes
  • Basic Mathematical Concept
  • Educational Methodology of Pre -chool
  • Art, Music & Movement
  • Observation and record keeping
  • Methodology of Education for special needs
  • Parent involvement
  • Childcare, health & Nutrition
  • First Aid
  • Teaching Practice

Apart from all this each student works in a AMI Montessori Schools for a period of four hours a day, which amount to 100 hours of teaching practice and scientific observation.


Students will need to submit written work at regular intervals during the course, which will include material making assignments and observation reports. All assignments must be completed in order to receive the certificate.


Entry Requirements
Minimum 3 Simple Passes (S) in G.C.E. A/L

1 Year

English / Sinhala


Please call our course coordinator for additional details.

Mrs. Achala Madushika
Course coordinator
011 3 020114, 011 2 430451, 071 864 9578

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