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vLearning is an innovative concept presented by JMC Jayasekera Management Centre to it’s students aiming to change the entire concept of learning to a positive and progressive path. With the development of technology, we were able to offer our expertise to our students at the convenience of a few clicks, without compromising the quality of learning we provide. Being the pioneer of professional education, students have trusted us to be the most-sought after educational facilitator over the year. Hence, we have taken another step improving the learning quality by taking the eLearning concept to a next level. We will not only provide eLearning materials of unmatched quality such as videos but also will be providing students with online exams, exam counselling, real-time private lessons as well as students’ answer evaluation for selected courses. All these facilities will be available to you for a fraction of cost.

Your dream of winning the exam just got more realistic.

Latest Courses

CA Business Level 2 English – Digital Business Strategy Full Pack (June 2023)

CA ව්‍යාපාරික අදියර 2 සිංහල – කළමනාකරණ ගිණුම්කරණය Full Pack (2023 ජුනි)

Accounting Standards (LKAS & SLFRS) by Sandeepa Jayasekera

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for more than 48 years

Thriving this long as an educational service provider says it all. Thousands of students trusted us to guide them and they excelled. So can you!


learning method

You can engage virtually with your fellow students and start discussions! Help and get help. It’s a great way to improve. Be in a class room while you are learning at home.


provider in the industry

Even though providing an excellent virtual learning platform comes with a great cost, we offer our students competitive fees for all our courses. Packages are available at discount rates.


technical content

Did a financial reporting standard change halfway through your exam? Don’t worry. We update our courses regularly so that you have access to latest knowledge.


is proven for materials

Our resource personnel know how to give knowledge in a way students can understand. Their experience help our production teams to build superior quality content.

Resource Personnel

Mr. Mahinda Danawardhana


Mr. Sunanda Abeykoon

ACA, CIMA Finalist

Mr. Shanilka Dinushan Perera

LL.B, Dip. in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Mr. Sandeepa Jayasekera

ACA, B.Sc. (Accounting) Sp. Hons., ACMA (SL), SAT, CIMA Passed Finalist, Reading for MBA (PIM), CA and CIMA Prize Winner

Mr. Mohomed Jesmin

LL.B, Attorney at Law

Ms. Nayanathara Guruge

CIMA Passed Finalist, Reading for Attorney at Law, B.Sc. (UOC) Sp. Hons.

Mr. Azeem Rauf

B.Sc. (Management) Sp. Hons., HDip in Marketing

Mr. Yohan Dananjaya

Reading for MLRHRM. (UOC), PHDLR. (HRM) (UOC), HRM. (NIBM), BIT Dip. (UOC)

Mr. Kapila Jayasinghe

LL.B (UOC), Post graduate diploma in Human rights law (IHR), Attorney at Law

Mr. Nuwan Kalupahana

BBA. (Finance) Sp. (UOC), CA Finalist

Mr. Mathisha Hewavitharana

MBA (Col), BBA (Col), Dip in Marketing (UK), MCIM. (UK), Practicing Marketer (SL), ACMA,CGMA,DBF (IBSL),AIB (IBSL),MSLIM

Mr. Imraz Iqbal


Mr. Tharanga Jayananda

B.Sc. (Business Administration) Sp. (USJP)

Mr. Amila Sampath

Undergraduate at University of Sri Jayawardenepura, AAT Level I with 4 ‘A’ Passes, AAT Level II with 1st in oder of Metrit prize, AAT Level III with 3rd in oder of Metrit prize & subject prize for Processes Control & Audit and CA Sri Lanka Finalist

Mr. Prasad Balasooriya


Mr. Thushara Indika Jayaweera

B.Sc. (Management), ACA, AAT Finalist , Reading for MBA

Mr. Shihan Haniff

B.Sc. (Finance) Sp., MBA (Uwtsd) (Rd), CBA, Dip. in IT (UOC)

Mr. Rukmal Wijekoon

MAAT, ACMA, CA Finalist,BMS(sp)

Mr. Kosala Jayaweera

BB. Mgt. (Accountancy ) Sp. Second Upper, ACMA, CA Finalist

Mr. Samira Anthony

BB. Mgt. (Finance) Sp., FCA, Reading for MBA., CA Prize Winner

Mr. Kalum Athuraliya

B.Sc. (Maths & Statistics)

Mr. Chandima Prabhath

B.Sc Management (University of Sri Jayawardenepura), CA Sri Lanka Finalist, AAT Finalist and Dip. in English

Mr. Upul Abesooriya

B.Sc. (B.Admin) Sp., ACA, ACMA

Mr. Sachith Karunarathne

MBA (Col), PGDIPM (UK), BBA. (Marketing) Sp., MSLIM

Mr. Susantha Bandara

Master of B.Admin( ISM), Post Graduate Dip. in ICT

Mr. Jeewantha Perera

B.Sc. (Accountancy) Sp., ACA, Reading for MBA (Cardiff Metropolitan-UK)

Mr. Pasan Randeer

AAT Passed Finalist, CA Finalist

Mr. Nilantha Weerasinghe

ACA, B.Sc. (Accounting and Finance)

Ms. Amsaleka Chandrasegaran

BBA. (Finance) Sp., AAT Passed Finalist, CMA Passed Finalist