Diploma in e-Media course specially designed for

  • Students who are studying communication subjects inside the schools.
  • Students who are expecting to be an announcer, reporter or broadcaster in radio and television media.
  • Students who expect to engage in communication professions.
  • Students who expect to improve communicative skills.
  • Students who are having good verbal communication skills.

After joining this course students will receive

  • Systematic knowledge on e-Media.
  • Technical & practical knowledge on basic e-Media activities.
  • Systematic knowledge and practice of radio and television arts.
  • Special studio training and practical training.
  • Guidance and company of famous and popular journalists.
  • Inspection visits of media organizations.


  • Fundamentals of Radio and Television Art
  • Production of Programs
  • Announcing and Presenting
  • Dubbing
  • Writing for e-media
  • News Preparation and Presentation
  • Fundamentals of e-media
  • Fundamentals of Media Marketing
  • Music Compilation and appreciation for Mediaio Station


Entry Requirement
G.C.E. O/L with a minimum of 6 Simple passes.

6 Months



Please call our course coordinator for additional details.

Mrs. Achala Madushika
Course coordinator
011 3 020114, 011 2 430451, 071 864 9578

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