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JMC Jayasekera Management Centre was launched in 1972 with the sole and whole objective of reaching and maintaining the highest levels in the professional education sector. Since that point of time, during the past five decades we have made giant strides and reached milestones surpassing even our expectations so much so that we are now recognized as a most leading educational Institution producing towering performance results in Sri Lanka.

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This is the information era. Having yourself equipped in the ever-changing world of ICT is a must to survive in today’s business environment. Our ICT faculty is ready to make you thrive and win the world. Our courses range from basic certificates to advanced diplomas. Starting your ICT career has never been easier!!

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New Class Commencements

Starting dates for all the professional courses can be found here. We update these dates once they are finalized by our academic board. Current information on next exam dates issued by the relevant accounting bodies are considered to plan the class schedules. You can apply online to skip lengthy queues and quickly complete the registration.

CASL 011 235 2000 casrilanka.com
AAT 011 255 9669 aatsl.lk
CMA 011 250 6391 cma-srilanka.org
IBSL 011 257 3625 ibsl.lk

Some branches may apply slight changes to these due to availability reasons and to manage the demand. You can contact your nearest branch and verify the date for your convenience.

Executive Level 1 Start Date 2019-09-07
Executive Level 2 Start Date 2019-09-07
Business Level Start Date 2019-06-29
Corporate Level Start Date 2019-07-06
Case Study Start Date 2019-10-05
SE 1 English Start Date 2019-07-27
Last update: 2019-07-20 11:40 am
Talent (Skills) Capstone Start Date 2019-01-05
Accounting Assistant Level Start Date 2019-08-03
Accounting Analyst Level Start Date 2019-08-03
Accounting Associate Level Start Date 2019-08-03
Last update: 2019-07-20 11:20 am
Foundation Level Start Date 2019-06-22
Operation Level Start Date 2019-06-22
Managerial Level Start Date 2019-06-22
Strategic Level Start Date 2019-06-22
Integrative Case Study Start Date 2019-10-05
Last update: 2019-07-20 11:41 am
Intermediate in Applied Banking and Finance Start Date 2019-09-07
Diploma in Applied Banking and Finance Start Date 2019-09-07
Last update: 2019-07-20 11:40 am