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  1. Parents/Guardian should not interfere or obstruct in the affairs of the Management of the JMC Saturday School. Cases of grievances or requests should be presented to the Saturday School Principal, solutions will be decided by the Principal. In case if a parent is not satisfied, the grievance can be forwarded to the Director in charge of JMC Saturday School, solution will then decide by the Director. If parent is not satisfied the student(s) can be withdrawn from the Saturday School. If any parent continues to agitate or pressurize the Principal or JMC Saturday School Management, The Management has the discretion to cancel the student’s registration.
  2. If the child’s physical or mental health condition is found to be unsatisfactory to the expectation of Principal or the JMC Saturday School Management, the principal has the right to take actions deemed necessary.
  3. Parents/Guardian should not engage in or contribute directly or indirectly either individually or collectively to any act(s) which is likely to cause harm or disrepute to any of the JMC Saturday Schools, Saturday School Image or Saturday School property including the employees.
  4. Parents are responsible for the student’s devotion to have regular hours for personal studies at home and to check their school books, school bags and term reports etc. regularly to ascertain the progress of the child and as a deterrent to the child not to fall in to various vices. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure student attend the classes regularly, verify the timetables and follow up on the lessons missed.
  5. Parents can meet the child’s class teacher/subject teacher to discuss about the progress of your child on Saturdays within one hour after the school time only when you are informed by the Principal.
  6. Participation in parents-teacher meetings/other meetings/event organization meetings are compulsory. If the parent is unable to attend, a close relative should send with an excuse letter. Parents should co-operate with the JMC Saturday School management in all such meetings, events and other activities organized by the School. Parents should maintain a decent behavior in all such meetings. If a concern related to school to be discussed, the parent can meet the relevant officers after the meeting.
  7. Parents should wear a decent dress suitable to a school environment when visiting the School.
  8. Parents are allowed to meet Principal or the Manager on Saturdays after obtaining a prior informed appointment.
  9. Any fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  10. Class fees, Admission fees and Exam fees are liable to change according to the decisions taken by the management. Admission fees shall be paid in full at the point of enrollment. Monthly fees for students should be paid in full on or prior to the second Saturday of a particular month. If there are arrears for any payment for more than two (02) months, studentship will be discontinued automatically in the system. Exam fees decided by the management shall be paid prior to the exam date whether a student participate or not.
  11. Participation for the term tests is a must for each student. Payment of Exam fees is a must for all the students.
  12. Cost of text books, supplementary books, uniforms, and stationery items should be borne by the Parents except the tutorials given. The text books, stationery items, uniforms etc. shall be purchased at the relevant JMC branches from the recommended suppliers in order to overcome the impacts on standardization.
  13. Parents shall not engage in any personal transaction with the academic or non-academic staff of JMC Saturday School including giving gifts, cash etc. The School Management is not responsible for any of such transactions. Parents should not send the students for any personal tuition classes conducted by the teachers of the Saturday School.
  14. The Management of JMC Saturday School reserves the right to amend the course structure, schedules and time tables at their discretion.
  15. Management reserves the right to discontinue studentship of the persons who do not settle dues or whose behavior is inappropriate for a learning environment.