Professional arm of JMC houses five faculties namely professional studies, marketing & management, teacher training, vocational training and languages. Each faculty is specialized in its own area and provide various types of courses that fall under their respective areas.

Faculty of Professional Studies

Excellence in Professional Accountancy Education
Estd. 1972

JMC Faculty of Education was established in the year 1972 with the slogan, “Excellence in Professional Accountancy Education”. Professional courses such as AAT, CASL, CMA, IBSL and SLIM as well as Cambridge English courses are conducted under this faculty.

We see increased number of enrollments for these courses due to the solid job security provided by the market. During the last five decades we have secured unmatched track records, producing the highest number of prize winners at all accountancy related examinations in Sri Lanka. Highly qualified panel of lecturers including chartered accountants and management accountants, other professionals and academics conduct these courses and the students are provided with high quality study materials. Currently we provide following courses related to professional accountancy.

Apart from the above examinations, JMC provides courses for various government examinations such as Government Accountant, Audit Examiners, etc. More details are available on the statutory examiner’s page. Exams are held time to time by the government and classes are conducted when the exam dates are gazetted.

Faculty of Marketing & Management

Leaders in Marketing & Management Education
Estd. 1980

This faculty deals with the promotion of intellectual capacities management and marketing sectors. Students who wish to gain recognized qualifications in these fields follow the courses designed by the faculty. The courses are aimed at providing the necessary skills to students so that they will be able to find the employments. Our market insights indicate that the demand for such personnel specially who are equipped with knowledge gained at JMC, are very high.

Faculty of Teacher Training

Center for Qualitative Teacher Training
Estd. 2002

JMC Teacher Training Academy is established with the aim of producing and building up well-trained high quality teachers to the education sector in Sri Lanka. All the courses are registered under No. P01/0122 of Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka. All the courses are conduct and guided by highly-qualified panel of lecturers specialized in teacher training and education. At the end of the program, valid certificates are awarded to the trainees and they are eligible for employments in the education sector. Currently we provide following courses from this faculty.

Faculty of Vocational Training

Centre for Skills Development
Estd. 1980

JMC Faculty of Vocational Training started in the year 1980 with the slogan “Centre for Skills Development”. This faculty is conducting several vocational training courses to kids as well as matured people who need to developed and improve the skills that needed for various employee opportunities. All the courses are conduct and guided by a well-qualified panel of lectures and the students are provided with high quality study materials. At the end of the courses, certificates are awarded to evaluate the trainees eligibility for employments in both government and private Sector. Currently we provide following courses from this faculty.

Faculty of Languages

Communicative Skills to Say What You Want, the Way You Want
Estd. 2003

JMC Language Faculty was established in 2003 and it provides several language courses for the kids as well as the young learners that help to communicate in multiple languages and it is becoming more and more important in the increasingly integrated global business community. Therefore, it is up to you to create a warm and comfortable environment in which you can grow to learn the complexities of language. The communication skills that you learn early in life will be the foundation for your communication abilities of the future. Strong language skills are an asset that will promote a lifetime of effective communication.

All the courses are conducted and guided by highly-qualified panel of lecturer’s expertise in different languages areas. At the end of each course, the students will be awarded with a valuable certificate. Following are the courses we currently providing for you.