Flexible study options

Our courses are tailor made to suit the busy schedules of the work force. Studying while having a job is never this easy! People who want to  go up the organizational ladder are always busy, they have a job to do. Professional qualifications are also vital to go up that ladder. We simply merged those two ends together. Study without worrying about the job and work without worrying about missing classes. Contact our course coordinators to learn more on the study options available to you.

Weekend classes

Going forward with the above, most of our classes are scheduled for weekends. Unlike many other professional educational providers, we want you to attend our classes and learn what’s being taught, rather than subscribing for the course and not attending classes simply because the time tables are not convenient. Our timetables are set in a way that the students get the best use of their weekends.

Class room and other facilities

Peace of mind is a psychological factor that helps learn better. Your focus always needs to be on the lesson. Secured, comfortable and convenient classrooms, audible presentations and easy-to-remember visual-aids paves the way to a concentrated learning experience. Our branches are strategically located to minimize the noise, easily reachable and well-spacious to facilitate the entire batch of students in a class.

Quality of education

Quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Education of JMC, with compared to that of other as well as when it is standalone is always beyond the student’s expectations. We always rely on moving forwards with students, rather than overlooking and commanding them of what to do. Our lectures are always designed in ways that no student is left out. It is a journey for everyone, with everyone.

Qualified panel of lecturers

Becoming a JMC lecturer is not an easy task. It is something an individual earns. A close screening process of the educational background, work status, industry exposure and most importantly the ability to reach out and build a student is evaluated and assessed prior to awarding a batch of students to teach. That is the very reason we brag about our lecture panel, who is always there for students helping and building them up. That is the reason why our students always have someone to look up to, someone to follow. Powerful role models always take s student a long journey of a successful career.

Mock examinations

We believe an individual shall always be ready to address any professional matter. When a professional situation presents itself, you may not have go home and refer the literature. A good professional can always give a spot-on answer. Rather than waiting for the exam draws closer, always being prepared is the best way to have knowledge, In fact, that itself defines knowledge. Our mock examinations are solely purposed to have an element of surprise! Students say that the mock examinations allow them to easily assess where they are and hence they can set course to where they want to be. Many academics from all over the world agree!