JMC has introduced the online admission process for an International School for the first time ever in Sri Lanka. You can go to our online Application Centre in the JMC website and select international school. Then the online application can be viewed and you need to provide the information about your child, Father and Mother or Guardians. Submit the filled application. You will receive a temporary reference number. Depending on the order of application submissions you will be called for an interview. You are required to bring the following for the interview.

  1. 3 passport-sized color photographs of the child
  2. Birth certificate of the child
  3. Immunization report of the child
  4. Documentary proofs of family income (e.g. salary slips, business income report, etc.)
  5. Road map from residence to school
  6. Parents’ marriage certificate
  7. NICs of parents/guardians

Once the child gets through the interview process the student card will be issued. The relevant admission, facility fee and other fees payments shall be arranged thereafter.

Duration for Admission

The applications are accepted for the next academic year from the month of May of the preceding year. School commences the academic year from the first week of January. However, considering the requests of the students we do take students to school throughout the year. A special attention will be given to those children who are enrolled later to cover the syllabus. JMC Student enrollments have been increased rapidly during the last year reflecting the success of our program.

Age Limit

We organize following competitions to provide opportunities for the students to show their talents. All these competitions are judged by independent, experienced and qualified panel of judges. The National Level competitions are organized in a grand scale to show the glamour of the event. All the participants and winners are awarded with certificates and awards.

Age (Year)Grade
2, 2 ½ - 3Play Group
3-4Lower Kindergarten
4-5Upper Kindergarten
5-6Grade 01
6-7Grade 02
7-8Grade 03
8-9Grade 04
9-10Grade 05
Age (Year)Grade
10-11Grade 06
11-12Grade 07
12-13Grade 08
13-14Grade 09
14-15Grade 10
15-16Grade 11
17Grade 12
18Grade 13