We believe every child is a unique individual whose talents deserve recognition. We provide special individual attention to each and every child to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We always assure their parents to have a personal interest in each child. To uplift the students’ education, we organize competitions and events as mentioned below.


We organize following competitions to provide opportunities for the students to show their talents. All these competitions are judged by independent, experienced and qualified panel of judges. The National Level competitions are organized in a grand scale to show the glamour of the event. All the participants and winners are awarded with certificates and awards.

Dancing Competition

Dancing competition is held to enhance the dancing ability of students. This competition is held in 3 stages namely School Level, Zonal Level and National Level. This is conducted among all 20 branches and at the National Level the most talented students Island-wide compete with each other and shows a remarkable unparalleled dancing talent.

Oratory Competition

Ability to speak in front of an audience is a great ability a person must develop. We organize the Oratory competition to create opportunity for our students to overcome the public speaking fear named Glossophobia. As mentioned above in dancing competitions we organize the event in 03 different levels. The best qualified orators will be selected for the National Level competition. Consequently, the best orators are introduced to the society.

Singing Competition

This competition is organized to recognize the JMCians with singing talent. This is also organized at School Level, Zonal Level and National Level. At the National Level the best singers are selected and introduced to the society.

Debating Competition

Debating develops the public speaking, logical thinking, memorizing ability and personality. Debating competition is also held in 3 stages as mentioned above. At the National Level we introduce the best debaters to the society.

School Band Competition

Each and every JMC College have a western and eastern music bands. This competition is held to select the best school band out of all the 20 schools in the Island. There we have 3 stages as mentioned above and at the National Level the best school band is selected.

IT Literacy Competition

IT has become an essential element in our day-to-day life. The students shall become IT competent to face the global challenges. This competition is held to ascertain the knowledge of IT among the students of JMC. The student with highest practical and theoretical knowledge in IT are awarded as the winners under each age group.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We organize following competitions to provide opportunities for the students to show their talents. All these competitions are judged by independent, experienced and qualified panel of judges. The National Level competitions are organized in a grand scale to show the glamour of the event. All the participants and winners are awarded with certificates and awards.

Prefects’ Day

Leadership is an essential quality in any community. Leadership focuses on doing right things and guide others to do the right things. Leaders must be good communicators in expressing and convincing their view without disturbing the minds of others. Prefect is the starting point of a great leader. Prefects day is organized with the idea of “Developing an effective Personality to fulfill the nations’ requirements in the new era”.

The word PREFECT stands for

P – Personality
R – Reliability
E – Efficiency
F – Forward Looking
E – Exceptional
C – Communicative
T – Tactful

The word, prefect always refers to the above qualities and they are highlighted on this day using eminent leadership personalities.

Independence Day

This program of the day begins with the customary hoisting of the National Flag/ School Flag and singing of the National Anthem. The students with the assistance of the teachers stage a play depicting the various aspects of the Sri Lankan history and culture. The highlights representing the different areas of foreign rule and the dramatization of some significant events.


The annual Sports-meet is held in all the schools on various selected days as per the year plan. Particularly during the first term of the year. The students are divided in to three houses namely Jasmine, Manel and Carnation. The competitions include pre-school fun games, selected activities as recommended by the government for primary sections and senior student’s activities such as marathon, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 100×4, 200×4, Javelin and shot put etc. The drill display and march past takes a prominent place in the Sports-meet and finally the victory is being rejoiced “House wise”. Read more on the sport houses section below.

Annual Concert

The annual Concert is organized in all the schools of JMC on various selected days mostly during the third term of the year. Primary students and senior students take part in dramas, songs and dancing items. Some of the singing and dancing items are done by both teachers and students which give them a chance to present their talents. Annual concerts are one of the most colourful events of JMC. Further the upper kindergarten students get graduated from their school and receive their graduation certificate.

Vesak & Poson Festivals

These are the sacred days in the Island specially to the Buddhists. All students celebrate these days in harmony. Buddhists Flags are hoisted everywhere. Students and teachers observe “Sil” on these days. Further, religious programs are organized in all the temples and students take part in these events. Teachers and students worship in the temples, listen to preaching of bana and chanting of pirith at temples. All these events take place with a view of full filling the students mind with religious thoughts.

New Year Celebrations

New year celebrations are organized in a grand style every year. Students and teachers are dressed in traditional dresses and they engage in traditional games including Lime & Spoon Race, Sack Race, Cross-country Race, Pillow Fighting and Tug of War etc. Students and teachers engage in traditional customs, such as boiling of milk, worshiping elders and lighting of oil lamp. The end objective is to inculcate the Sri Lankan cultural values in all JMCians.

Christmas Party

All the JMCians get together in the month of December to celebrate Christmas. Christmas Songs sung by students. The Christmas Tree is also decorated and illuminated by electric bulbs. Students engage in various fun games and dances. A person is dressed as Santa Clause serves the students with toffees, sweets and other gifts and rejoices in the name of Santa Clause.

Islamic Day

The Brotherhood Day is an annual celebration done in every October. The Islamic Society of the school organize an International Islamic Day with the participation of all religious groups and it is a celebration of Islam. The students celebrate this day in harmony with the full participation of both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Commerce, Science and Language Days

These 3 days are organized in all the schools with the idea of recognizing the importance of commercial knowledge for day-to-day life, the values of science and importance of language. Students take part in delivering speeches on subject matter in these particular days, presentations, role-plays, assembly programs, etc.

Annual Fun Fair

All the schools of JMC network organize this event annually. The main objective is to give the children an insight to business and fair knowledge of handling money to buy and sell things. The secondary requirement is to raise funds for the welfare of the school.

Annual Trip

Annual Trips are organized by all the schools of JMC. The objective is to clear the path for students to receive education authentically by visiting places of historical importance, parks of natural beauty, industrial zones, places with religious importance, etc.

Sport Houses

JMC allocate the students in to three different houses.







Three beautiful flowers were taken as the theme for house separation and three basic colours were used. Children compete with each other under three houses, end of the day they gather under one shelter that is JMC.