The JMC College International provides an excellent physical, environmental and attractive setting suitable for a quality education. Our first priority is given to the safety of the students as our main objective is to provide better facilities to the students and also to improve the quality education in our schools. Given below are the facilities provided to them.


The classrooms are arranged in a very comfortable manner with adequate space and suitable furniture manufactured according to the Government standards. Ventilation is also provided and electronic fans are installed and thereby a healthy environment is guaranteed. The classrooms are colour washed every year as per the specimen colours decided by the top management to provide the student an eye-catching environment. Further the visual aids and student crafts are displayed in the classrooms making the classrooms attractive.

Computer Rooms

Technology is the key to success and survival factor in the modern world. Therefore, Information Technology infrastructure is given an utmost priority. There is a fully equipped computer room available for the use of teachers for all subjects and also for students to work independently. All necessary equipment also has been supplied to all the branches. Our students often make use of this facility to the maximum and as a result the IT literacy of JMC students is much higher than any other student.

Science Lab

Science is a subject where the learning is completed with a proper practical knowledge. Science labs in all schools are provided with all necessary equipment. Students are doing science experiments conducted by qualified science teachers and they find it easy to understand the complex areas. The lab equipment in general include all required volumetric flasks, flat bottom flasks, round bottom flasks, pipettes, biurets, droppers, glass rods, measuring cylinders, litmus, pH papers, filter papers, triple beam balances, thermometers, compass, batteries, switches, transistors, chemicals, microscope, test tubes, etc.


“Reading makes a full man”. The desire for reading of the children needs to be developed as reading always provide additional insights and knowledge. Considering this importance, we have established a separate library facility other than the classroom libraries. Libraries are equipped with valuable books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Students are given special periods to use libraries and develop their reading skills.


The auditorium is the place for our JMCians to show their dancing, singing, acting and compering skills. The students get the maximum use of these auditoriums and build up their talents. All auditoriums are equipped with necessary furniture, sounds and lighting.

Sports Facilities

The facilities for sports are provided with an idea of developing the physical and psychological fitness of the students. The type of the sports may vary from branch to branch. However, practicing a minimum of three sport activities have been mandated as compulsory. Students have been given opportunities to engage in various sports activities under the supervision of teachers which may include Athletics, Chess, Swimming, Badminton, Tai Kwun do, Karate, etc.


Safety of your kid is a high prioritized item in our education management. Security has been arranged in order to ensure that your kids safety is in good hands. CCTV cameras are placed as another safety measure. The Principal, teachers and non-academic staff involve in assuring the safety of the children.

Play Areas

We have provided opportunities for students to engage in their childhood games. An area outside the classrooms have been allocated for this purpose. Our play areas at a minimum include swings, fiber slides, pyramids, play houses and sand pits.

Book Shop

The book shops are established in selected branches to ensure the children get their relevant stationery in time at a reasonable price.

Music Rooms

Aesthetic skills of children are becoming more and more important nowadays. We believe aesthetics develops the sensitiveness of students. To cater to this need we have equipped our music rooms with a variety of musical instruments such as violins, guitars, harmoniums, drums, pianos, organs, etc.

Dancing Rooms

Apart from the music rooms we maintain separate dancing rooms with the necessary equipment such as Gata bera, Devol bera, Dawul, Manjira etc. The dancing rooms are located in a place where the other classes do not get disturbed.